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Sena International carries out Manual submissions to High Domain Authority Article Sites, with different anchor text and description. We submit your site to quality Article Sites, most of them require us to create a unique account for you before submission. We'll create unique email ids for you, register your account with each site, verify the email, submit your site and finally give you the access to the email account that we created for you.

Submitting websites to Article Sites is very popular amongst SEO experts, as article submission not only gives you High-Quality Back Links from relevant sites also increases online visibility. Choose our article submission service, improve your website's online visibility in Google, and start receiving more traffic to your website.

Key Features of Article Submissions

  • Sena International article submission looks after article writing as well. Therefore, you will no longer hunt for a creator to create your articles. We have particularly experienced SEO article writers so that it will create search engine friendly articles which can be also thrilling to study.
  • We create a unique e-mail account and user account for you & verify them before we start the article submission program.
  • No reciprocal links required.
  • All articles are unique and are sent for customer approval before submission.
  • Our article submission is up to date to be in compliance with Google Penguin and Google Panda updates.
  • Sena International assures 100% plagiarism free articles written from scratch. All the articles we create bypass the Copyscape check.
  • We do now not use any article spinning software for article advent. Every article can be written new after in-intensity studies.
  • We guarantee a 100% manual article submission.
  • All the thing submission web sites used in our article submission are directories with accurate page rank and precise reputation.
  • We target two links per article. We also accept deep links.
  • Sena International functions more than one article submission packages to meet all and sundry's price range and hyperlink building requirements. All our applications are comprehensive and they're very fairly priced..
Article Submission Packages

25 AS

15 Days


  • Domain Authority - 90 - 20
  • Keywords Allowed - 3
  • Featured Listing - 5
  • No.of. Articles - 1 Unique
  • Content Writing - 500 Words
  • No. of Submission Per Report - 1

50 AS

20 Days


  • Domain Authority - 90 - 20
  • Keywords Allowed - 6
  • Featured Listing - 10
  • No.of. Articles - 2 Unique
  • Content Writing - 1000 Words
  • No. of Submission Per Report - 2

75 AS

30 Days


  • Domain Authority - 90 - 20
  • Keywords Allowed - 9
  • Featured Listing - 15
  • No.of. Articles - 3 Unique
  • Content Writing - 1500 Words
  • No. of Submission Per Report - 3

100 AS

40 Days


  • Domain Authority - 90 - 20
  • Keywords Allowed - 12
  • Featured Listing - 20
  • No.of. Articles - 4 Unique
  • Content Writing - 2000 Words
  • No. of Submission Per Report - 4
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Package Name Total no. of Submission Duration No. of Reports Price Order
25 AS 25 15 Days 1 $49 BUY NOW
50 AS 50 20 Days 2 $95 BUY NOW
75 AS 75 30 Days 3 $140 BUY NOW
100 AS 100 40 Days 4 $180 BUY NOW

Google has made huge adjustments to its ranking algorithm these days. Google Penguin and Google Panda updates are taken into consideration the most vital updates that had changed the entire seek recreation. If you've got lost your ranking after the Google updates or in case your rating is unstable after the Google updates, you are not by myself. Thousands of website proprietors round the sector are smitten with the aid of Google updates. Google has made content-based algorithmic changes in cutting-edge updates. If you have used article submissions to build links for your website inside the past, then you want to hold a near tab for your website's ranking. If the great of the content which you have used isn't proper or when you have used another manipulative strategy which include key-word stuffing or targeting the internet pages the use of the equal link text over and over, and so forth., then your internet site's rating might be affected. It is consequently exceptional to bear in mind our article submission after Google updates even when you have accumulated a large number of back hyperlinks inside beyond the use of article submissions.

Sena International has completely up to date article submission. We have updated our article submission techniques to match the trendy Google updates. Using our article submission after Google updates will set matters proper and it's going to help your website conquer any Google replace related troubles in the most search engine friendly way. Our experts have analyzed all the latest Google updates and we've made suitable changes to our approach to assure you with reliable back hyperlinks so one can really provide a boost in your website's online visibility even after the Google updates. Stay away from article submission organizations that have not updated their article submission to the cutting-edge Google updates.