Subtitling in the linguistic sense is the systematic time-based representation of source video to a language in written form, including timelines. It is usually the step following transcription, where the conversation or its translation is placed over directly onto the video.

A professional subtitling service ensures that the audience understands the subtitles as they preserve the footage's original feel. At Sena International, our experts very well understand the content they are working on, and do subtitling retaining the meaning and context of the original version and convey that in another language. Thereafter, they edit the translated version to meet the parameters of the subtitles, taking into account things such as the speed of reading, characters-per-line limits, timing and positioning of text.

The two types of subtitling are intralingual (vertical) and interlingual (diagonal). In intralingual subtitling, the subtitling language and the spoken language are the same. While in interlingual subtitling, the subtitling language and the spoken language are different.

Subtitling service is a transcript and covers films, television shows, video games and so on where dialogue needs to be converted into written text form. Here language could be the same and different depends on the requirement of the client. The price here goes on a per-minute basis. Our pricing policy is the best among rest all over the world.

So, if you are looking at quality subtitling service at the most competitive price, get in touch with our team for any subtitling format or any language!