A transcription service is the conversion of speech (either live or recorded) into a written or electronic text document in a format that is suitable for printing. Sena International is a leading provider of transcription services to clients from all over the world. We have a team of professionals who can transcribers are experienced and possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in understanding various accents of languages. Our process is simple and the rates are transparent and quality and accuracy are checked at every stage of transcription.

  1. Focus on quality – We track the three-step quality control process and assure of 100% accuracy within the deadline.

  2. Clear pricing – Since transcription is charged for per minute of the audio or video file, you know what you will have to pay for. So, no hidden charges.

  3. Simple delivery format – The file after transcription can be delivered to you via email or you can pick it up from the site directly.

  4. Added facilities – Transcription is done in the same language and if you need it in other languages, we help you get that as well. We can improve and proofread the document for you as well.

Types of Transcription

Sena International has established itself as a high-quality English transcription service provider in the following fields.

Medical transcription

Transcribing medical documents such as patient history and physical examination data, hospital admission summaries, medical reports, office visit reports, diagnostic studies, consultations, referrals, discharge summaries, and expiration reports.

Legal transcriptions

Courtroom procedures, testimonies, pleadings, interrogations, and administrative hearings. Once our specially trained staff transcribe these documents, our lawyers proofread the transcripts to make sure the resultant document is error-free and professional, every single time.

Business transcription

Transcribing business-related recordings such as meetings, interviews, teleconferences, seminars, talks, and lectures.

Audio and Media transcription

Transcribing from all manner of audio recordings such as cassette tape recordings, MP3s, WAP, radio programmers, and television talk shows. Whether for archiving purposes, record keeping or for research, we can produce accurate, error-free transcripts in the span of a single day.

Multilingual transcription

Academic transcription

Conference transcription

Interview transcription

Market research transcription

At Sena International, we take extreme measures to ensure complete confidentiality; your most sensitive data is highly secure. Sena International’s team of native transcribers works efficiently and provides the transcriptions in the necessary file formats depending upon the end use of the file.

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