Sena International is a Sri Lankan based worldwide company that has been offering Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) & Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for the past 17 years. Since 2007 we have been optimizing sites for more than 100 clients and we researched the best way to do it for an affordable price.

We started offering our services on freelance sites like,,, under the name of Sena International. On we have become the best SEO Team. On the other three freelance sites, we just started to offer our services and we already have a lot of positive reviews and satisfied customers.

Sena International is in the business of translation, localization, transcription, and subtitling which is outsourced to freelance translators from every corner of the world.

We study the specialization, nativity, and origins of translators to provide the desired output. We offer our services only to other translation companies. Our clients appreciate our honesty and our translators appreciate our payment efficiency. We offer high-quality output along with the best prices and the widest range of language pairs.

At Sena International, we deliver exactly what you want! At Sena International internet marketing and professional language translation, we like to venture off the beaten track! Explore our site and discover what internet marketing and professional language translation is all about!

Corporate Office

  • Sri Lanka Office :

    Sena International,
    Serendib Heritage Pvt. Ltd.,
    33/52, William Alwis Mawatha,
    Sri Lanka.

    Tel : +94-11-284-8841
    Fax : +94-11-285-1965

  • Hong Kong Office :

    30, 12th Street,
    Hong Lok Yuen,
    Tai Po,
    Hong Kong.

    Tel : +852-5303-0453

  • Canada Office :

    5165, Rupert Street,
    BC V5R 2K1,