Initial Consultation & Keywords

Prior to making any SEO related changes to your website our technical team will review your site closely so as to make sure that we will not come across any unforeseen problems at a later stage. One of our SEO specialists to engage in a customized research to collect the necessary data from which he will create a list of targeted keywords that attract most traffic in your business vertical. The SEO specialist assigned to work on your website will consult with you to finalize the best keywords.

Content Creation

Once the keywords are finalized our content team will take over. They will use their training and experience to create highly effective content that is original and unique. They will also make use of your current website content whenever possible. The content that is created will not only be search engine friendly, it will also be professional enough to market your site with the human readers. All these will be done in close consultation with you so that the essence of your website is not compromised.

On-Page Optimization

On page optimization is one of the first and foremost thing in SEO where the changes made to website in order to improve its position in the search engine rankings.The competition in the online industry has made it important for a website to reach top search rankings in order to catch the attention of their customers. In order to achieve this, you need to optimize every page of your website for keywords and search phrases.

Link Development

Besides site optimization, link popularity or link development is another important aspect of your website's search engine success. You should have links pointing to your site from other popular websites with good page rank. Our SEO Expert will take care of link development as well. We use a number of highly effective link building strategies.


We have highly streamlined reporting procedures. We will generate a ranking report prior to the commencement of the optimization process and this report will indicate website's ranking in various search engines. This report will be sent to you and this will serve as the point of reference which you can use to compare the results of our optimization. After the completion of the optimization, you will receive monthly reports via Email so that you can keep track of the progress. Besides generating monthly status reports, we will also monitor your site on weekly basis to make sure that ranking is not dropped out by any major search engines. Our team will be in constant touch with you via phone or email. We are also be happy to receive your call anytime to respond to any questions you may have.


Fees will depend on how competitive your keywords are. Please fill "request a quote" form and one of our SEO expert will get back to you soon.