• What are the benefits of the Sena International article submission service?

    There is more than one advantage in the usage of our article submission. You will get great one manner hyperlinks, your website's online popularity will be boosted and your internet site's visitors will increase.

  • Do I need to provide you with the articles for the submission?

    No, you want no longer have to provide us the articles for submissions. All the articles will be written by means of our experienced group of search engine marketing writers. We will ship you the articles that we create in your evaluate and approval earlier than submission.

  • Who'll create my article?

    We have content writing experts who will create unique articles for you. To learn more about our content writing services click here..

  • Do I need to sign up on the article submission sites?

    No, you need no longer should sign up within the article submission sites, we can join up for you and provide you with the login credentials as soon as the paintings toward your article submission bundle is finished.

  • Do you guarantee plagiarism free articles?

    Yes, all the articles could be 100% plagiarism loose. We will write well-researched articles.

  • Do you use article-spinning software to create the articles?

    No, we do not use any article-spinning software program. All the articles may be comprised of scratch by means of our skilled group of search engine optimization writers.

  • How do I know if the article created for me is unique and is not duplicated?

    You can go to copyscape.com and check if content provided by us is unique or not.

  • What is the total duration taken by your team?

    The timeline for the crowning glory of the thing submission will depend upon the plan you select. We will make the submissions manually and we will procedure the order in the maximum search engine pleasant way at the same time as at the identical time making sure the quickest turnaround time possible.

  • Do you make use of any submission tools or software to automate the process?

    No, we do no longer employ any software program or submission tools. Our devoted submission crew will make all the submissions manually.

  • How do I know if my article was submitted?

    80% of sites require registration before articles are submitted, after which they send autoresponders that need to be activated manually. We accomplish that in this way: our team creates a unique e-mail account for each customer in Gmail (the name includes the domain submitted by the customer, i.e. yourdomain123@gmail.com), and once the e-mail account is created we create a unique account for you by registering at the site. The article site then sends the autoresponder to that e-mail account for activation of the account. Our team then manually activates the account from the e-mail inbox. Then we start the article submission process. Finally, when everything is done, we send you the e-mail I.D., the password of the e-mail I.D., the user name used for each account, and the password used by the customer in the report. You can then see all the e-mail responses that we got from article sites and you can also go to each article site and check your submitted article.

  • Will I get the submission report?

    We will provide you with a detailed file on the submissions made. You may also be able to crosscheck the submissions yourself by using logging into the specific e-mail identification that we create for you. We will provide you with all the login credentials. When a submission is made maximum of the object submission web sites ship an automatic submission affirmation mail to the email id provided all through account advent. You could be capable of affirm the submissions the usage of these affirmation mails which you get hold of in the unique account we create for your article submission order.

  • What is the price of your article submission?

    We have numerous programs in your consideration and the price of our article submission will rely on the object submission plan which you select. Review our fairly priced article submission packages for more statistics on the pricing.